Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue

What Will Be Covered?

If you are looking to move into arboriculture, then this course is a must; but it's not limited to arboriculture, this course has been undertaken by ecologists and specialist climbers too.

It's a course that will lead you from how to set up your climbing system (including all the knots you need to know), to climbing the tree to achieve a top anchor point; from there you will advance on to branch walking before carrying out several different types of aerial rescue from the canopy of the tree.

The course also includes the use of climbing irons (spikes) and you will be using these to ascend a pole to carry out a casualty rescue. Your instructor will also show you how to set up a belay system to rescue a casualty.

A physically demanding course, and a lot of fun too!

Are There Any Pre-Requisites?

You must be at least 16 years of age to undertake the training and assessment; there are no other pre-requisites.

What Can I Progress On To?

The next stage is to complete the Level 3 Award in Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw Using Free-fall Techniques (although that course has other pre-requisites, so be sure to check before booking!).

How Long Is The Course?

The duration of course tuition is 5 days, but you will need an additional day to cover the assessment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and availability of training / assessment.

Where Is This Course Held?

Many of our courses are based at our workshops at Arborfield, near Reading; but this course can be delivered across the UK, at your own site, if needed. Please contact us for more details.