Pesticides: Stem Injection


If you are operating hand-held pesticide injection equipment then you will need to hold this endorsement on your pesticide certificate.

This is not a stand-alone qualification; it forms part of the Level 2 Award in the Safe Application of Pesticides using Pedestrian Hand Held Equipment (PA6) qualification but you must specify you require this endorsement when you book the course - please ask to add Unit 156 when booking.

I Don't Hold A Pesticides 'Ticket'...

If you need to carry out stem injections of pesticides but don't hold any pesticides certification then you will need to complete the pesticides foundation assessment and then the 'hand-held pesticides applicator' course. Find out more...

I Hold The PA6 Certificate...

If you hold the 'old' PA6 certificate then you're in luck! This ticket automatically includes stem injection so you do not need to be re-assessed. However, you may well be due a refresher anyway if you passed your assessment more then 5 years ago.

We're also finding that many companies are sending their staff to undertake a re-assessment for compliance issues, as the certificate will then specifically state stem injection.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding pesticides certification.