Chainsaw from Rope & Harness

What Will Be Covered?

The Level 3 Award in Aerial Cutting With A Chainsaw Using Freefall Techniques is the follow-up course to the foundation tree climbing and aerial rescue.

The course builds on the climbing skills already covered in the foundation climbing course and looks at building up your experience to achieve safe work positioning in order to operate a chainsaw from a rope and harness. You will be covering different types of handheld and freefall cuts, as well as identifying and completing pruning cuts in the correct position to aid the tree's recovery.

Successful completion of the related assessment will allow you to obtain your 'ticket' to operate a top-handled chainsaw unsupervised.

We can now also offer the use of battery powered top-handled chainsaws as well. These are becoming increasingly popular in the industry and we feel that it is important that operators get to try them out, as they feel very different in use!

Are There Any Pre-requisites?

Yes, you must have completed the courses listed below before booking this course:

What Can I Progress To?

There are a number of options following the successful completion of this course and the related assessment; however, the usual route is to complete the 'rigging' course:

How Long Is This Course?

Normally 3 days, but this can be tailored based on the experience of the climber. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and availability of training / assessment, as this course can also be offered as a one day refresher / update course.