Pesticides: Certificate Replacing Grandfather Rights

What Will Be Covered?

This qualification is specifically for those who were previously exempt under ‘Grandfather Rights’ who apply pesticides on land they own or occupy. From 26th November 2015 under the requirements of the Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulation (2012) – a training certificate or Certificate of Competence is required for anyone who is going to apply any professional product. This qualification satisfies those requirements and will be awarded to candidates who achieve the required level of competence in the units to which their Certificate relates.
The qualification is divided into four units, one mandatory and three optional - please let us know which units you require. To help you decide what you need, the following provides an outline of the units; if you are still unsure, please get in touch.

Unit 051 (Mandatory)

Unit 051 is the mandatory unit covering the legislative requirements and codes of practice relating to the use of pesticides on your own land and the relevance of pesticide product information. You will cover how to minimise the risk of human contamination and how to implement emergency procedures, store and transport pesticides safely and manage and dispose of surplus pesticide and waste materials. Record keeping requirements associated with pesticide operations will also be discussed.

Units 052, 053, 054 (Optional)

Units 052, 053 and 054 are optional units that all cover similar underpinning theory, the differences being the type of applicator. The common knowledge elements are:

  • legislative and safety regulations relating to sprayer/applicator use on own land.
  • environmental factors relating to mixing and application of pesticides.
  • read and interpret product information.
  • operate the application equipment to apply pesticides.
  • carry out post-operational procedures.

Unit 052 covers preparation and calibration of a hand held pedestrian applicator, hydraulic and atomiser types, application to water using hydraulic and atomiser types, slug pellet applicators, granule applicators to land, granule applicators to water and any other type of hand held applicator.

Unit 053 covers preparation and calibration of machine-based application; all types of mounted boom sprayer, all types of mounted wick applicators, mounted or trailed broadcast sprayers, mounted or trailed variable geometry boom sprayers with/without air assistance, mounted or trailed pellet or granular applicators.

Unit 054 covers preparation and calibration of other specific equipment, or methods of application such as fogging, misting and smokes, batch dipping, seed treating equipment, application of pesticides to material as a continuous process, sub surface liquid pesticide application, all types of boat mounted applicators and any other item of pesticide equipment not covered in the other units.

Are There Any Pre-Requisites?

You must have been previously exempt under ‘Grandfather Rights’ for applying pesticides on land you own or occupy to undertake the training and assessment.

What Can I Progress On To?

As can be seen from the outline information above, there are options within this unit - you must complete Unit 051 and at least one optional unit.

How Long Is This Course?

1 day. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and availability of training / assessment.

Where Is This Course Held?

Many of our courses are based at our workshops at Arborfield, near Reading; but this course can be delivered across the UK, at your own site, if needed. Please contact us for more details.