Forest Machine Operations: Cable Crane

What Will Be Covered?

The Level Award in Forest Machine Operations (Cable Crane) course is aimed at those working in the forestry industry who need to set up, maintain and operate a cable crane for timber extraction. This is an advanced and intensive course covering current health and safety legislation, and codes of practice, pre-start checks and routine maintenance on drive systems / winches / wire ropes and chokers as well as explaining the purpose and commenting on the condition of all the rigging components used. Site surveys will be carried out with a view to discussing the factors to be taken in to account when setting up a cable crane on different site types.

You will be setting up equipment to create various systems such as straw lines and rigging tail spar trees, and covering artificial spar systems and artificial support as well as understanding how to install intermediate supports using standing trees. You will install a haul-back line or cable, a skyline, and a carriage and will then haul back the timber, safely releasing the load at the landing point.

The course also looks at methods of chokering, and you will also carry out splicing.

Are There Any Pre-Requisites?

What Can I Progress On To?

There are two endorsements possible within this qualification, and we would recommend registering for the skyline endorsement as this will automatically entitle you to the high lead endorsement - the same is not true the other way around. The endorsements are:

  • Endorsement 001: Skyline (registration for this one is highly recommended).
  • Endorsement 002: High lead.

This qualification is not a pre-requisite for other courses, but you may want to consider other training within the suite of FMO (forest machine operations) qualifications, such as forwarder, skidder, processing, flail/mulcher, or scarifier.

How Long Is The Course?

The course is 1 week long. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and availability of training / assessment.

Where Is The Course Held?

Many of our courses are based at our workshops at Arborfield, near Reading; but this course can be delivered across the UK, at your own site, if needed. However, we can arrange for training / assessment across the South of England. Please contact us for more details.